At 8:00 on July 2, 1908, Rolex trademark was officially registered. The first Rolex watch was taken seriously because of its superb technical quality. A small Rolex watch in 1914 received the Kew Observatory (Kew Observatory) A-level certificate, which is the British well-known Observatory has never been awarded the highest rating. Its accuracy has been recognized, this is a worldwide event, so that watches in Europe and the United States suddenly worth double. Since then, the quality of rolex replica uk Rolex represents the accuracy.After the first war, Rolex moved back to Geneva, driven by the replica watches founders, Rolex companies continue to innovate, create and improve themselves. It has two research directions: waterproof and automatic.In 1926, the first waterproof, dustproof table finally come out, this is the famous “oyster” (Oyster) type table. The economic crisis of 1929 hit Switzerland, but Rolex was unaffected. It invented in this period a mechanism of automatic refining, creating a new time after the “constant movement” (Perpetual) type table.The following are the same as the replica rolex This automatic table has a pendulum Tuo, before the watch has never been used, it brings a revolution to the rolex replica watch industry, it is the pioneer of all automatic table. In 1945, Rolex also produced a date table with Date Date, produced in 1956, showing the date and day of the DayDate table.
Andrei Heinberg is proud to be proud of today’s world table, which is inseparable from Andre J. Heiniger’s inspiration and enthusiasm. Heinz was born in 1945 in La Chaux-de-Fen, Hans Wellsdorf first met him, he had a full confidence and sincere respect.They both love to contact with people, the pursuit of perfection. Wellsdorf invited Haynett to join Rolex in 1948. He has worked in Buenos Aires for six years to develop the market. Returned to Geneva in 1955, promoted to replica watches a member of the Board of Directors of Rolex, and replaced Wolfsdorf as general manager of Rolex since 1964.
more spiritual pursuit of luxury brands to provide is not only a tangible entity, it is beyond the  entity with a spiritual factor and strong feelings of things. LV at a deeper level is the expression ofpeople’s emotional demands, it reflects a way of life, life attitude and consumer attitudes. Brand luxury goods all reflect a way of life and its ideas



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