China has not entered the era of universal luxury goods. China’s total GDP in 2009 was $ 4,910 billion, and per capita GDP was $ 3,711. Whether we really have entered the era of universal luxury goods, but at the same time China has 400 million people living expenses less than two dollars a day. China’s economic real consumption situation is puzzling: one side is the lack of domestic demand, the need swiss replica watches to expand consumption; one side is the luxury consumption of hot; the overall lack of consumption and luxury consumption coexist, both exposed the fake rolex watches income of China’s income structure imbalance, also shows The consumption of Chinese traditional culture in the moderate consumer values are weakening.
China is still far from the era of universal luxury consumption. Encourage moderate consumption to expand domestic demand, because tighten the belt of rolex replica watches luxury consumption and “take youth bet tomorrow” excessive debt consumption is neither in line with economic laws and traditional Chinese consumption concept contrary to. Here must be reminded that: not rich first luxury, unfavorable harmony.



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