However, such a remarkable movement, also suffered a “extinction” of the rolex replica thrilling. In the seventies and eighties of last century, the watch industry suffered the impact of

the revolution of the quartz movement, then the brand control side Zenith Radio Corporation (US companies) even ordered all the destruction of this great mechanical

watch achievements, in full to the quartz movement in line, But fortunately, the real watchmaker is the most love and distressed these devices and equipment, so find ways
or the movement of the production equipment “secretly” to rolex replica watches save it, so did not give the industry and future generations regret.
Sesame chain “at the beginning is to solve the clockwork output torque difference caused by the clock is not allowed to take this problem and invented a similar sesame

string together with the system, structure or device, similar to the replica rolex tourbillon was originally to overcome the gravity of the Earth to the movement But it is not easy, so called

“super-gorgeous” configuration, so far can be equipped with this “super-gorgeous” device watch brand is also very few.



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