In the daily wear of the watch, the appearance of the swiss replica watches using the steel, often encountered only wear and corrosion of these two, according to 904L and 316L steel tissue form and composition, plus the surface of the replica watches drawing and grinding, wear resistance is enough , Mainly corrosion. Generally encountered corrosion, mainly sweat, and humid air caused by electrochemical corrosion, if you like diving or coastal cities often contact with seawater, then the corrosion resistance of stainless steel will require a higher number. Due to the stability of the internal structure of the replica watches uk super austenite, 904L is less prone to corrosion of the internal crystal (austenite to martensite). At the same time as a result of super austenite in the processing technology advantages, in the welding is not easy to corrosion, the production of straps for the welding process manufacturing.



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