When (when) – the time here, usually does not mean the generation of luxury brands, but the plot needs a typical situation under the typical time. The typical time of choice is not much, such as Vacheron Constantin’s choice of time: as early as 200 years ago Vacheron Constantin and China, 1860 Xianfeng Emperor specially to Vacheron Constantin custom a pocket watch, and later the Palace Museum and the purchase of two Vacheron Constantin’s bell The 1995 Vacheron Constantin into the Chinese mainland market, the slogan is “Vacheron Constantin” to return to China, and the press conference address selected at the swiss replica watches National Palace Museum. The Imperial Palace as a treasure trove of traditional Chinese culture, its special symbolic meaning and Vacheron Constantin thick cultural heritage is consistent. This typical time under the public relations activities focus on the uk replica watches brand history of mining, through the use of the Forbidden City platform, the perfect embodiment of Vacheron Constantin brand concept and heritage.
General luxury brand brand of the line, are rich in the game and the rolex replica watches crystallization of the wise man. Luxury brand after the accumulation of time the brand, the brand’s quality accumulation, the accumulation of brand money and brand love accumulation. Not reach this level, practicing less than this furnace, you can not build the world’s top high-end luxury brands.



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