Economic observation network reporter on the afternoon of April 3 passenger bus from Beijing to rush to Xiongxian, there are three from uk replica watches to Xiongxian see tenants. In a public relations company to work Ms. Liu Xiaoxi said that in recent days to see the security of the real estate market is extremely hot, no longer tempted. Although the local real estate transactions have been frozen, or think of replica watches Xiongxian understand the market. “I am not settled in the security, as an investment, I can accept the price is about 20,000.”
Fu Qiong in Xiongxian has 6 suites, of uk replica watches which Xincheng district of a set of 127.5 square meters of the house, 4 years ago when opening 3150 yuan, and now the price was set at 31,000 yuan, the request is full payment. “Because it is a layer of the street, the price set low.” He told the Economic Observer reporter, the two sides signed an agreement, to find a third party notarization, real estate license to the hands of buyers. And other policies loose, you can always check procedures. And Fuqiang the same Xiongxian people there are many.



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