April 3 afternoon, Wang Hongmei and Li Tongan also came to the swiss replica watches front of the sales center. Their common ground is the owner of the center, Xincheng district residents. The difference is that Wang Hongmei to her 120 square meters of 2 layer 3 room shot, asking price per square 18000; Li Tongan is just admitted to a university graduate in Beijing, regret because of concentrate on Kaoyan, did not in this round of housing prices soared before Start a set of real estate.
Xincheng sales center closed the door, sealed by the seal. Seal of the fake watches inscription for the “Land Bureau, Housing and Urban Construction Bureau, the market supervision and management, township government”, inscribed time for the April 20, The former door of the replica watches uk “Xiongxian Housing and Urban Construction Bureau on the pre – sale of commercial housing warning notice” to the “buyers” to remind the purchase of commercial housing to improve legal awareness, see the relevant procedures to avoid the relevant traps.



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