I know that her cotton front is uk replica watches replica watches</a>bright and bright, and often wetlands; only know that when burning anthracite black face on the replica watch face of a pair of bright black eyes bright. At that time the little aunt was only sixteen years old, a little girl who lost  her parents, could hold up a home while her sister was sick, and with a child of dissatisfaction with her age, it was conceivable that it was not easy .

As for the more solid items, such as jackets, scarves or sleeping bags, then try to roll up, and do not fold. A veteran told us that he would roll up the thick items and tie them tight with a rope. Image point of view, when packing with brick and plaster like to build a house like that. “Shirts, jackets, underwear and trousers are like plaster, fill the gap between the bricks.” If there is fake watchesspare space, then you will use a good socks to fill the socks. on. Socks are very practical, but also make your backpack tight, so the more the better. A sergeant said, “Your feet are going to travel a lot when you travel.” A military trainer said, “After all day walking or walking, the socks are easily sweaty and wet socks will make your feet blister.”



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