If it is sunny to enjoy the flowers, it will feel the sun as a huge brush, so that the pink peach is more beautiful and moving, but also for the beautiful spring to add more warm colors, from afar, peach exceptionally enchanting, Seems to be rolex replica falling from the sky in the large glow. A gentle breeze blowing, peach branches will be like a girl swaying, natural innocent and lovely, and those who or Hanbaoyu or blooming peach, like an elegant flower butterfly, stretching the graceful Body, flapping wings, people dizzying, God fans drunk, put themselves in the scene intoxicated in this beauty.
The following are the same as the ”
The rain in the flower there will be another sense of beauty: a cluster of a cluster of peach flowers full of replica watches uk branches, exudes a touch of fragrance; or white or red or pink petals, yellow flowers because of the moisture of the rain even more delicate , Or as cunning in the poem of the shy country girl, head down, not words; or like farewell to Li Bai’s Wang Lun, free and easy and generous. There will be winds, the beautiful petals will be scattered with the wind, and some in the wind swaying; some in the stream on the spin; some still in the branches to show its best side. Will be reminiscent of Wang Wei’s “rain grass green color infected, water peach red desire.” Su Shi’s “duck head spring thick as dye, face peach get spring face.” Written or Li He’s phrase “Peach blossom like red rain”.
The following are the same as the ”
Three Gorges University school name is a look at the combination of Chairman Mao’s handwriting, but do not think that the main entrance of the Three Gorges University in the 403 Beiyuan bridge side. There is the back door, the main entrance of the school on the other side of the University Road, that is, the Yellow River Road over there. Because this is the feng shui theory of China, the meaning of the door from the front doorway, graduated from the back door uphill school, after the natural step by step; on the swiss replica watches contrary, if the back door as the main entrance, then entered the school on the road, , Is the pig brain also know very unlucky. To know that the superstition of the people is deep-rooted, even in the ivory tower can not be immune, you know, even the research science Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Yang Zichang relocated in the Institute will use public funds to see the feng shui.



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