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In order to beautify the campus environment, from 2005 onwards, the Three Gorges University in the current administrative building and the library before the request Creek planted a lot of ornamental flowers, in addition to more than 100 strains of peach, there are many cherry (Chinese Friendly), bauhinia (Hong Kong return), oleander (Yichang tradition), etc., after experiencing a winter of silence, when the spring warm air blowing gently, from the first peach blossom stretch began, peach and Cherry blossoms, coupled with the elegant bauhinia, oleander safflower blooming will gradually be a river of spring stained colorful, across the cable to ask the rolex replica number of bridges, the two sides to fake rolex connect up, bridge shadow reflected in the stream, add A bit of Jiangnan water charm, with more and more, the more open the more brilliant flowers squeeze crowded to endure together, naturally formed a flower.
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April 7, 2012, the Three Gorges University held the first Peach Blossom Cultural Festival, named Peach Blossom Festival is the number of rolex replica watches  trees should be seeking the largest tree in full bloom, looking forward to from all over the world of foreign teachers and students watching peach at the same time, Taste the Chinese culture, but also promote the exchange of each other; the second Peach Blossom Festival joined the national customs, seeking Creek River has formed a blend of Chinese and foreign culture and ethnic landscape; Peach Blossom Festival is from the third began to cause concern of the people of Yichang, To this end, the organizers ingenuity of the introduction of the talent show, allegedly “for visitors to bring a unique cultural feast.



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