Since then I have to find a variety of reasons to take sick leave not to participate in basketball training, do not go to class, so the snail in the dormitory. Li would like to call me to

ask me is not sick, said to take me to the hospital, I said nothing, is too lazy to class. Li wanted to carry a large bag of herons, and a variety of cold medicine. After a few days, Li

would like to ask me a good cold no, I said well, afraid he gave me medicine. It is necessary to go out more and more, not always in the dormitory in the dormitory. We went to the

library, I head into the pile of books, all kinds of novels and then a book, kept looking, like crazy. Lee would like to touch my head that you will not burn the brain, right?

To the time to eat, I do not want to go, Lee want to say what you want to swiss replica watches eat, I go to buy you back. I said casually! I went to my novel world again, “hey” someone suddenly jumped

out to take me seriously, scared me “ah!” Shouted out, surrounded by replica watches uk other people are sub-looked at me, I Brush the face of the red. Zhang Yang is particularly proud of: “how, Xu

Ai Fei, your illness is not good?” He gave me the nickname, he said my name, Xu Fei Fei, turned to read Xu Fei, the future called me Xu Fei Fei. “Zhang Yang, you are sick ah? Scared

me.” In front of replica watches other people he is a cool captain, in front of me like a shameless, always love to make fun of me, and for the music. “How ah! Recently do not come to training, the

original difference is not good training.” “Well … … Miss is no training is still like you abuse.” I boasted the sea. “Oh, yielding, go! Practice to.” Zhang Yang shaking the hands of

basketball to provoke me. I was outdone, put down the book, followed him to the basketball court.



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