I grabbed the ball in the basket of non-stop vote, kept picking the ball, and then cast, completely ignoring the publicity. I was covered with sweat, but still continue to vote. “Zhang

Fei grabbed basketball concerned that he had never seen me like a runaway like rolex replica a wild horse, hard to pitch the ball.” “Tired” I went to grab the hands of the ball, his arm is very

long, his hands raised the ball, the right hand a hook, the ball into the. He hugged me, “in the end how? Zifei, you so I am very distressed myself.” I am struggling in his arms, he

hold more tight, “What you tell me ah!” You know like rolex replica watches People can not like what it feels like? “I have a deep kiss on my forehead, leaning against his broad arms, and I feel

particularly pragmatic, and I really want time to stay there.” I do not care who you like, but I can only like me in the future ,because I like you. “This is what I have heard the most

high-handed confession.He sent me back to the fake rolex dormitory, halfway his big hands take the initiative to hold my little hands, very warm, but I throw off the way we are so side by side,

I was a bit embarrassed.

He ran to buy me porridge and cake, “eat it! Sure to be hungry!” He looked at me with concern. I really feel like a dream, back to the dormitory, Yanzi ran over and said with

concern: “how to eat dinner now? Did not see you one day, miss you. I want to hug!” My heart feels like Do a bad thing, and Yan child has been like a sister, we have nothing to say,

the character is similar to us together. I woke up from the sweet dream just now, my heart like a large stone, blocking the panic. Left hand is friendship, right hand is love. Wash

finished lying on the bed, Lee would like to chat with me, Lee would like to be a particularly particularly good person, impeccable, care for me, a big warm man. Chat for a long

time, my heart is not blocked, to sleep. Dream, the four of us are particularly close friends, our pure and transparent friendship does not participate in any impurities.



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