Go back on the road Wang Yan a look of grin said: “purple Philippines, you say we are inseparable every day, you and Lee want to uk replica watches be good when, how do I start to see ah! Come

to me.” Then start Scratch my itch. “Oh, Yanzi, you do not bother.We are both fellow villagers, you do not talk nonsense, Lee think he is a good man who is fake watches good.” “Then he did not

give me to buy pulse ah?” Wang Yan said a bit jealous The “I do not want you, I have our family Zhang Zhang captain, and your family pulse or keep replica watch their own drink it?” “Wang Yan

face filled with happiness and vision. My heart a tense, a little bit of my “I like publicity ah?” “Yes ah, purple Philippines, you do not feel particularly captain handsome? Every shot,

dribble, ah! Really handsome.” Wang Yan eyes shining look like looking away. I knocked her head about, “see you a drooling look, as if to eat so that people like publicity.” Wang

Yan all the way to tell me how to make her how to make her captivated, I did not listen to. My heart burst of throbbing, how can this, my best girlfriend even like my heart that

carefully collected him.

Zhang Yang kick the ball, while Khan sweat while I came over, a small heart in the bang bang, I want to say how to greet him! “To you, publicity.” Yan Zi handed Zhang Yang a bottle

of pulse. “Thank you!” Zhang Yang Chong Yan smiled, Yanzi shy down his head. I stood next to watching them, Yanzi back to God, said: “Come, purple Fei, I bought you your favorite

fruit milk excellent.” I took over, did not speak. Swallow is a brave and generous unrestrained girl, since that time he told me that he likes publicity, and now, every training finished,

she was warmly went to the small shop to buy water. “Zhang captain, that three-step layup how I would not learn, not more step is a little step, while you teach me?” Wang Yan look

forward to look at publicity. “Well, good!” “That, Yan child, you follow the publicity good practice, I do not wait for you, I first go back.” I saw Yanzi’s small trick.



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