Once said “forever”, the so-called “forever”, how to become a change that is the moment? Also promised never betray, all the way accompanied. Just to the end, why everything

turned into a virtual can not touch it?

In fact, I know that those who have said, once gentle, then, are true. But, when turned to indifference, forgotten, it is true.

Just, if, once, is always back to the other side, then, I was the other side of the solution to the flower. Wind blows scattered, vertical is scattered horizon, no one pity. Also can not

have been bit by bit, as clouds, with the passing.

If you were helpless when I was helpless in the warm harbor, give me encouragement, but also lead me direction, then you will be my strong and growing after the endless

gratitude, and sincere dependence.

Life, not only love, can only rely on, nor is it only love, can talk about the companion. Although love is ubiquitous in our lives, it is only part of swiss replica watches life. Sincere friendship, is also a worthy

of the pursuit of forever friendship.

I do not know where you put down, put aside can not bear, turned away from the day, whether there have been so a moment to read the fake watches moment, remember the past

accompanied, remember if the water soft heart. A sad heart of the heart, a tie beautiful beautiful words, the share of the first most beautiful, but also let your heart miss, and love.
You always say that never a person can really understand you, so you are always so sad. Written in the note, write that many people feel bad as broken text. And I, but it is to follow

the touch of heartbreaking sadness, in the replica watches vast network of sea, through thousands of people, came to your world, only for the ensemble that sad resonance. Do not ask for a case

of Qi Mei, but seek advice with the heart. I once in that seemingly cold and relentless behind, clearly see a warm and kind heart.



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