WeChat small program on the line so far, the rolex replica entrance has been hidden deep, you want to enter the small program can only scan, search and friends to share.

Small program has been stressed that the line application scenarios, and for online traffic to get through, WeChat has been the performance of rolex replica watches restraint. Tencent senior vice

president, WeChat business group president Zhang Xiaolong has said that the small program in the WeChat without the entrance, the public number in the WeChat is no entry, thesmall program is the same as the start of a small program from the sweep two-dimensional code. At least in the early days, the WeChat will encourage the applet to appear in various places in the form of two-dimensional code, just as early as the public.

At the end of fake rolex March, the applet has added 13 new features: not only for individual developers to open applications, but also in the public and small programs between the three

new ways to connect, while opening the “compatible line two-dimensional code” And “App to share available small program to open”, “near the small program” and many other




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