“You want to know, but you do not know, are knowledge. For this content pay, is the knowledge to pay”- what kind of knowledge do we pay for?Knowledge payment itself is not

something new, “e-learning” represented by e-books and “paid education” represented by Coursera are all common scenarios for replica watches knowledge payment. Really cause the industry

to pay close attention to the industry there are four events: First, 2013 Luo Luo thinking to publish “paid members”, 5500 places half a day accounted for 1.6 million, attracted from

the fiery from the media whom eyebrows, Luo fat “knowledge services” for the first time into a lot of revenue; 2016 April Fool’s Day is clearly published “worth”, the concept of

knowledge paid is also widely spread in the Internet industry. But the “first pay, after listening to the answer” model and the “user that the value of the answer to the main money,
the user that is not worth knowing money” mechanism is not suitable for long-term use, and therefore forced to transitionThird, in June 2016 Himalayan together Ma Dong

“wonderful work that” the team released “good talk”, the first day of replica watches uk sales that exceeded 5 million, the quality of the supply side of the brand potential potential market

recognition, Himalayan user platform began to accelerate the layoutFourth, the end of 2016 WeChat Ma made the release of “WeChat paid reading is on the line” message, this

BAT in the knowledge of the battlefield againKnowledge of the uk replica watches battlefield has been mixed in the battlefield, to pay for the theme of knowledge of the research report is also flying,

who can win? What is the logic of its winning?



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