The future development of an industry how the trend can be from its development history to explore. Electric cars in fact than the fuel car appeared earlier, after a period of ups

and downs, the current Tesla is optimistic about the capital market, the major car prices and Internet companies are vigorously developing electric vehicles, it will regain new life, to


From the past life of electric cars, look at its future!

Recently, Tesla stock price exceeded $ 300 mark, so that the company’s total market capitalization reached 52.7 billion US dollars, higher than GM’s market value of 49.6 billion US dollars, and thus become the nation’s first car market value. This phenomenon is not only Tesla cheered, but also to the swiss replica watches world electric car industry is quite exciting, full of confidence in the future.
Over the past 10 years, the investment and financing of the electric vehicle industry has been flat, 2010 to 2012, basically the annual investment amount of 800 million US dollars or so. Thanks to the leading companies like Tesla, the replica watches uk investment in the electric vehicle industry is picking up, even more popular than before. To 2016 electric car industry financing will reach nearly 20 billion US dollars, an increase of 100%.

Both the traditional car prices or Internet companies have vigorously develop pure electric vehicles, electric car companies are also mushrooming. At present, electric car company in China has emerged more than 200, led by the Chinese investors more famous electric car brand Faraday future, Lucid Motors, Kama cars and Wei to the car and so on.
So it seems, pure electric car is not the inevitable future of the world?

Looking back at the history of electric cars, not knowing electric cars as one of the world’s oldest cars, more than half a century earlier than the advent of rolex replica internal combustion engines.



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