“Oriental Weekly” learned from the State Environmental Protection Department, this year’s all the two proposals on the swiss rolex proposal, the number of environmental issues related to the

first, which is the largest haze.

In the size of the two sessions of the venue, many representatives of the fog on the issue of reflection has gone beyond the scope of the replica watches uk end of governance, but from the

structural adjustment, urban layout, departmental coordination and even the pace of development, to explore the current environmental problems facing China The

The warm discussion of the meeting reflects the temperature of public opinion and public opinion, and in the Chinese political scene outside the venue, a haze and further promote

the development of the way, the idea of governance changes, is unfolded.

The connotation of the same fate of breathing

“80 years of last century, we also have air pollution .At that time the news has been reported that the Chinese territory of the replica watches satellite can not see the city, such as Shanxi Linfen,

Liaoning Anshan, Benxi, Inner Mongolia Baotou, etc., are point-like Pollution is mainly due to the city which has iron and steel and other enterprises. “Ministry of Environmental

Protection Department of Pollution Control Division Deputy Director of the atmosphere Lu Shizhe told reporters.



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