“Regulations” of the makers of course, also recognized this point, and proposed to strengthen the relevant provinces and autonomous regions of the air pollution control joint

control work, the establishment of major pollution incident notification system, the progressive realization of major monitoring information and pollution prevention and control

technology sharing.

However, significant differences between regions determine that the “UNTAC” platform is short. Take Hebei, compared to Beijing is relatively backward, in addition to swiss replica watches information

can be shared, major events can be combined, the economy, technology and system protection are far behind Beijing. And local protectionism and other factors, but also to

increase the obstacles to the joint defense.
“The joint defense is still in the exploratory stage, the core or the rolex replica interests of sharing, shared responsibility, if not the core, you and the neighbors defense joint control, what?”

National Environmental Protection Department of Pollution Control Division Director Zhao Yingmin “Outlook Oriental Weekly” Say.

In February 2014, after repeated heavy polluted weather in North China, the Ministry of Environmental Protection organized 12 inspectors to replica watches uk Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding

areas, and carried out special inspections on the implementation of heavy pollution weather and the implementation of “the atmosphere ten”.



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