He said that the situation is quite special, the country is not just a few cities of pollution problems. “If the heavy pollution occurred at the end of February, I consult experts, if no

one in Beijing, is a grassland, what would be the rolex replica” case? Experts said that the pollution may not be so heavy, but there will be, because the regional pollution into a film “”

Lu Shizhen analysis said that the reason for this happens, first, because of urbanization, the city is getting closer; the second is due to the industrial layout is too dense to steel, for

example, past the point of pollution of those cities, a city of steel production capacity Millions of tons, and now, just in Hebei Province, there are 300 million tons of steel

production capacity. Which a large number of production capacity or in the GDP baton of the call, not approved first built.

He said the management has been aware of the problem. As early as 2008 to ensure the Olympic Games, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for the first time put forward the

“pollution control” of air pollution. Taking a number of uk replica watches” measures such as a large area of polluting enterprises to stop production, all around to mention the height of political

cooperation to complete, paid a lot of  rolex replica uk economic costs. Although achieved remarkable results, but this emergency model is difficult to long-term adherence. Even in order to make
up for the “joint defense” during the loss of pollution production capacity and rapid rebound.



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