Shijiazhuang City, several officials and experts have told the reporter, as the focus of the protection of the central city, Beijing is not only the economic strength of pollution is

relatively strong, as early as 2008, its polluting enterprises have been moved to swiss rolex Hebei and other places. By the capital out of the production capacity of the surrounding areas, but

it is able to bring economic benefits, “meat and potatoes.” In addition, the mobile source of pollution, Beijing’s oil standards and automotive emission standards is to walk in the

forefront of the country, a special “Beijing standard”, poor quality of oil and heavy vehicles are not allowed to enter Beijing. This is why the whole area is contaminated when the

situation in Beijing can be relatively slightly better.

Beijing, an official told reporters: just started the implementation of the “Beijing Municipal Air Pollution Prevention Ordinance” is to replica watches  put this system to a new level of protection,

many terms are commendable, and even can be said to be great improvement.

For example, the “Regulations” proposed to adhere to the planning first, change the mode of economic development, optimize the industrial structure and layout, adjust the

energy structure, from the source to the end of the whole control of pollutant emissions. This is not only beyond the “end of governance” ideas, but also for a long time since the

rampage of the development model of reflection and change.

Joint defense control, the core is the benefit of sharing, shared responsibility

However, in terms of Beijing alone, no matter how to strengthen the measures to protect, no matter how much investment in governance, in the replica watches uk North China Plain a full and deep

haze, can not be immune. According to Beijing’s official statistics, Beijing’s haze in the foreign components also accounted for a considerable proportion.



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