In the end, Liu Shiyu speculation for the speculators, language is not alarming brokerage unscrupulous “black mouth” thugs, named criticized, Liu Shiyu said, some brokerage

analyst “language is not surprising”, the forecast index to a bit. “There is no brokerage economist in the world so predictable, black mouth has not played for many years.”

To invest, do not speculate. So that rolex replica capital services in the real economy, so that the healthy development of the stock market must start from the supervision of listed companies

themselves. China’s stock market, where the shares will be Zhuang. Of course, Zuozhuang, both the control of listed companies, there are institutions, or hot money and cattle

scattered. Liu Shiyu one by one crack, so that they must abide by the rules,

So that listed companies must dividend to protect the replica watches uk interests of small and medium-sized retail, so that everyone is willing to invest. So that the stock market to effectively

serve the real economy. Severely interrupted the phenomenon of high returns sent to listed companies, return to the originality of listed companies honest and healthy.

There are always do not close hand, would like to challenge the bottom line of supervision, last week for four consecutive trading days, A-share market every day staged a

stock “flash collapse” strange plot, triggering a lot of speculation in the industry. To pay attention to the  situation of funds, more than just “flash collapse” shares of the top five

sellers in the “Wenzhou to help” commonly used seats figure. At the regular meeting on April 14, the Securities and Futures Commission and the Shanghai Stock Exchange

(hereinafter referred to swiss replica watches as the “SSE”) made a strict regulatory position on the manipulation of the stock market and resolutely crack down on vicious manipulation of speculation. ”

Exchange to dare to Sword, the behavior of disrupt the market is not soft. “- Liu Shiyi, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, pointed out that the exchange is

an important regulatory body on the capital market, the participants are subject to the supervision of the exchange, without exception.



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