Liu Shiyu said, “Some people set tyrants, fairies and harm in a body, holding a licensed financial license, into the financial market, with the public funds engaged in the so-called

leveraged buyout, leveraged buy money, investors must have Risk digestion, and now in the financial market, the direct development of some products, in fact, the ultimate risk of

people is not the product of the organization, but our majority of investors. Leverage where the quality of life where the bottom line? This is from strangers Into a barbarian,

barbarians become a bandit.You challenge the rolex uk current financial supervision of civil and commercial law is conducive to deal with the system of innovation and promotion, is

conducive to regulatory supervision, when you challenge the criminal law, waiting for you is Open the door of the prison.

From this day, Liu Shiyu became the first financial market red, news about his endless stream. On the match convex all the people, and the CIRC on the former sea life before the

sea life Yao Zhenhua ten years forbidden order. All of a sudden deterrence for many years do whatever they want, the financial market chaos.

February 10, 2011, the national securities and replica watches futures regulatory meeting held in Beijing, Liu Shiyu on the current securities market chaos, problems and solutions one by one to

explain to you, especially for the do anything they want, selfish, greedy , Knocking bone marrow of the financial predators, Liu Shiyu is no secret to say that they should catch a

number of people,

So that we do not want to signify and mystify the registration system and approval system.

Stock index stability and financing can not be opposed, there is no increase in the number of rolex replica IPO, capital market, some ugly phenomenon is difficult to fundamentally solve the

number of the shell of the price is not down yet, but also speculation? In 2017, the capital market to serve the national strategy to enhance the strength to enter. “



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