Reform and opening up China’s so-called economists have been selling the so-called market economy, they do not understand, or ignore this so-called market economy,

healthy competition exists only in the imagination, selfish people to maximize their own interests, will use Their own capital, information or violence, to get the replica watches amount of their own days of income, to win the purpose of eating. The healthy development of the market need to swiss rolex moderate the thinking, the get, the loss, the award, the penalty. So as to healthy development.The former Liu Bang Xiang Yu hegemony, Liu Bang rewards and punishments, not for the human tired. And Xiang Yu just the opposite, compassionate corporal, but rewards and
punishments unknown. Later, the talent one by one to leave Xiang Yu bowed to Liu Bang, Xiang Yu defeated, suicide and died, the world owned by Liu Bang.
In today’s history of China’s transition when the mouth, as long as China’s financial markets can jump out of the speculative curse, a sub-sweat, a harvest, everyone is the real investment profit, China’s real economy, China’s financial market must laugh The world, access to the world of people defected. “Two hundred years” of the Chinese dream will
soon come. So Liu Shiyu’s financial reform of the replica watches uk financial industry, for the future development of China’s forward momentum, beyond the average people imagine the important.



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