Ministry of Finance China Finance Society Vice President and Secretary General Jia Kang said that from the international experience, with the industrialization of rolex replica urbanization has

a shallow S-shaped development curve, urbanization reached 30% after entering the acceleration period. China’s current household population of urbanization rate of 41%, is still

in the accelerated urbanization stage.

Central Policy Research Office of Economic Affairs Feng Haifa said that China’s economic performance in the first quarter there have been good signs. At present, China’s

economy has a new development model, mainly by innovation to promote economic development.

Vice President of Minsheng Securities, Yuan Hengxiang Economic Research Institute chief economist Guan Qingyou that China’s current economic growth rate stabilized in the
6% to 6.5% area, do not worry about the so-called L-shaped or continue to the next big step. In this case, ordinary people to invest more and more difficult. Stock market, the

property market, the bond market these investment plate, where the opportunity this year? “The end of last year since the end of the rolex replica uk bond market bull market has ended, the

current trend of the bond market is difficult to see the real estate market, we recommend caution. The stock market is still a noteworthy market, this year’s basic strategy is fried

map and speculation , But for individual investors, the amount of information and professional ability and institutions are very different, by the stock market to make money more

difficult. “Guan Qingyou said that this year to do investment, the most important thing is to lengthen the cycle, reduce the uk replica watches expected return, choose Low-yield, low-risk investment

targets. Xiong An New District is also a recent hot spot, Guan Qingyou said that the definite opportunities of Xiong’an New District include infrastructure, environmental

management, clean energy construction, etc., as a major stock market theme, should continue to build, there are new policies come out.



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