From February last year, Liu Shiyu became chairman of the Commission, to this day, Liu Shiyu’s pursuit, more and more clear. Follow the central policy instructions, to make selfish,

speculative financial capital, cliffs, return to the origin, serve the real economy, contribute to the country’s industrial development.

From February 2016 to December 13, 2016, this period of time, Liu Shiyu, although served as chairman of the replica watches uk Commission, but the shot is not much, with great concentration to

observe the stock market, understand the stock market all the market. But the stock market of listed companies, capital predators, exchanges and securities institutions, due to

years of fresh and shameful, with a variety of incredible speculation means, and the small and medium-sized investors. The capital for the industrial services, as “hungry to sell dog

meat,” under the guise of speculation from the fertilizer.

In 2016, there were several major insurers and unscrupulous institutions, as well as individuals, frequent placards, leveraged buyouts, which had a very bad impact on the weak

real economy.

December 3, 2016, Liu Shiyu attended the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association, the first session of the first session of the rolex replica General Assembly, suddenly divulged this abnormal behavior. Said that the recent period, the capital market has undergone a series of less  normal phenomenon, placards, leveraged buyout, is irrational management

of the company a challenge, this phenomenon has. But it is not possible to use the money from the barbarians of the door into the replica watches band of the industry. You are challenging the

bottom line of national laws and regulations, you also challenge the bottom line of your life, which is a manifestation of human immoral, not financial innovation.



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