Some netizens said the scholar Miao real aspirations big, limited capacity, can only be a small horse car. I Miao real reply Road, you are a small ants, in the desperate pull

grass. It can be said that I am in economics and the Chinese economy, has studied and studied a full two decades, there are six books of swiss replica watches more than 200 million words of the book,

dare not say that their own success, small success is still barely strong can say. Honestly, I am still young, and then continue to study three decades is not a problem, that is to say,

write ten books, should not be a problem. Then imagine, more pessimistic, they have no chance to do research, and give up halfway, is not not a scholar it? Of course, or scholars.

After all, the previous six books of more than two million words were written here, is the truth. So, this user’s comments, in essence, meaningless, simply did not say the idea,

purely belong to chaos piano. Moreover, it can be inferred that the users did not fully and profoundly systematically studied and studied my work, or just learning a small part of

the study, in this jump to the rolex replica next sentence. Also, another user said, the book see more, the more confined to their own, you are the first example I encountered. I Miao real that

his book to see more is the fact. So why, why more books, the more confined to their own? No, because I attach importance to the exchange of interaction, so they encountered irresponsible comments, a lot of spam comments, are in the debate is not a scholar or independent economist, including family problems, and so on, these and academic no How

much relationship, or even nothing to do with the replica watches uk problem, the interest is extremely low, boring. Bluntly, is a lot of spam comments, to a certain extent, interfere with me, or even

kidnapped me, so that they look more on a layer of limitations. To further speaking, I strongly felt that the more they fame, the more there is a force in the desperately on their

own stigma, similar to the bowl spit!



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