Debt is subject to the requirements of the people, the currency is the object for the object. They require exactly the same object. Debt has expiration date, currency does not

have. Debt has interest, no money. Do not believe? Stay in the hands of the replica watches uk cash, there is no interest. Deposit has interest, it is because the money has been converted into debt,

debt. Deposits have expiry date, the currency is not; the deposit has the debtor (deposit bank), the currency does not have.

Credit is not money, credit is debt, debt, not money. Not because of your logic is not meticulous, casually credit as a currency. Some people not only say that the credit currency,

but also that the credit value, which is the study of economics logic is not clear, not fine lead to the error.

Gold is not money, money is not gold. Gold is the carrier of rolex replica money, it is never money. Because people confuse the money carrier with money, the result is that gold is money.

Do not believe? Is not gold now gold?

Money is one of the hardest things to understand in economics, so far so far, there is no currency definition that is right except me.

I have redefined the commodity, the value, the currency, the following can start from the value, the logic is very consistent to replica watches deduce a new economic system, the economic

system is the “new economic principles”, the economic system, Explain the past, now, predict the future.



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