According to his argument, many of the real world is not very appropriate

policy, in fact, economists arrogant conceited product. Therefore, Hayek made a very interesting proposal: the Nobel Prize economists should swear, never in their own

professional ability to publish public opinion. In the management of the replica watches uk house, according to bajjio friends, Hayek life experience ups and downs, reputation ups and downs. The

one who loves him, sees him as a guide light, and who hates him as a devil monster. Churchill repeatedly quoted Hayek as opposed to the Nationalization of the Labor Party

program; Margaret Thatcher attended the “road to slavery”, to the early stages of governance, she took Ben Hayek’s “free order principle “To the policy researcher in front of a release, said:” We believe this set “; and President Bush gave Hayek the President of the Medal of Freedom, in recognition of his academic contributions. On the other hand, from

the beginning of the 50s, the former Soviet Union, the former Czechoslovakia and other countries, the assignment of people, continue to swiss replica watches write critical articles, remove Hayek’s

“poison”. But surprisingly, some young scholars in the study of Hayek’s writings, was deeply impressed. These people include the Russian Prime Minister Gaidar and Czech Prime

Minister Klaus, who led the country’s reform after the end of the Cold War, recalls: “It was the best moments of replica watches my life in the library “As early as the fifties and sixties, our scholars

will translate Hayek ‘s writings. Unfortunately, these books can only be “internal reading”, but specifically for scholars to criticize the use of “poisonous grass” specimens. Until the

late 80s, Hayek’s essay “individualism and economic order” was really published in mainland China. Last year, the domestic and published with Deng Zhenglai translation of the

“principle of free order”, the famous economist Mao Yushi in Beijing altar to promote Hayek’s ideas, the international academic circles as China’s new ideas of emancipating the




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