The traditional definition holds that money is a special commodity that is fixed as a general equivalent, and that money is a commodity, and because of replica watches uk its special status, it is a general equivalent, so the currency is a special commodity that is fixed as a general equivalent. In accordance with the traditional definition, not Tan Guilin definition, commodity
value and use value, the currency will naturally have value and use value. Because the traditional definition of the replica watches value of condensation as a commodity in the general labor, value,
he size of the amount of money are determined by the necessary social labor time.
Tan Guilin Definition: Money refers to the fake watches object of the general requirements of the right to request. Money is a power, it is a matter for the object.
How to verify the money is a power? This is very simple. Everybody went to the restaurant for dinner. Open the restaurant is not our relatives, friends it They buy food for us, wash, do it, end to us, why do we have such power? Because we have money. If there is no money, these things will not happen. Therefore, the currency is a kind of object to the general rights of the object Tan Ganglin force. Money can buy clothes, buy fruit, you can also buy people, because money is a power.
Money is not an IOU, saying that money is the IOUs do not understand the currency at all. IOUs have the date of return, there is debtor, currency does not have. The issuer of
money is not the debtor, do not believe, you get 100 yuan yuan to the bank to their debt, see if they will not you, they will not.



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