According to the pathogenesis of diabetes, I am a party, called Shen Qi Tong pulse scattered (soup), Qi Shengqing, Yang Jin active. Is the side to replica watches Astragalus, mulberry leaves for the king, Huang Qi fill the temper to rise, mulberry leaves Qingfei heat to drop, there are wolfberry, Polygonatum, Yuba nursing five possession of the blood, there are Pueraria, Salvia, safflower meridians of blood Fine in the fur, but also active venous anti-stasis, clinically with the card addition and subtraction, control of blood sugar without the drawbacks of hypoglycemia, and the prevention of replica watches uk complications. Can be a powder, but also for the decoction. Such as the heat is very gypsum, berberine, yellow cypress (powder should not be gypsum), Jin injured plus infants, Ophiopogon, aspartum, phlegm who added Zhejiang shellfish, dried tangerine peel, including Lou Ren, wet stagnation, Magnolia, Health Barley, “wine for the pulp” with cooked rhubarb, turmeric, ginseng. Stay up late, vitality and more virtual, and ginseng, Ophiopogon japonicus, Schisandra; sedentary little moving people, blood more easily stagnation, suitable for Chuanxiong, peach, safflower.
Patients adhere to the Shenqi Tongmai powder addition and subtraction treatment for more than ten years, coupled with a reasonable diet, blood sugar are relatively stable, there is no complications. Type 2 diabetes treatment of uk replica watches traditional Chinese medicine, to Mizutani fine gasification activities as a fundamental, such as “out” of the mechanism of obstacles, reusable puerarin, or add cooked rhubarb, enhanced “lost in the fur” and ” Of the gasification activities. Mechanical hypoglycemic treatment, many people have hypoglycemia. Was originally a high blood sugar disease, treatment but the occurrence of hypoglycemia, really a bit bizarre, do not know this is the issue of clinical decision-making, or the theory itself.



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