Diabetic foot, and more associated with the heat poisoning, it is necessary to make progress, but also blood circulation, as well as detoxification. No money is not anti-evil force, no blood circulation blood stasis obstruction, unclear heat detoxification is hot and evil in the camp from the flesh and blood, therefore, in the Qi and blood on the basis of focus on fake watches detoxification, such as dandelion, Swollen wind, purple to Ding, the key in the early treatment. Diabetic foot treatment summed up, that is, make up, pass, clear three methods and use, even those who make the main buck, who is the main obstruction, heat poison is even the main Qing.
Clinical treatment should avoid bogey
Diabetes is the ideal treatment, not mechanical hypoglycemic, but according to the rule of the five Tibetan students, grasp the pathogenesis, maintenance of swiss replica watches Mizoguchi fine up and down the gasification regulation. The dynamic changes in blood glucose indicators, in addition to drug intervention, but also with the diet, mood, work and rest, climate and many other factors. Many patients, the lack of natural integrity of the concept of life and multidimensional contact with the concept of disease, the blood glucose as a drug standard, as long as a high blood sugar, increase the hypoglycemic agents, hoping to replica watches immediately down the blood sugar. Blood sugar is high, we have to analyze the specific, find the cause, such as improper diet, to adjust the diet; is the emotional impact, to adjust the mood; is medication properly, to adjust the drug. Infection, cold, pain, cold and so may lead to elevated blood sugar, ignorant, by the end of a high increase in hypoglycemic agents, high blood sugar will become more and more stubborn, may also like elevators like lifting, This is more harmful to gasification activities.



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