Coughing has reduced a lot, but there is a more severe runny nose, and one of the causes of coughing may be caused by a runny nose. The patient’s judgment is right, I was neglected.

I am on the basis of the rolex replica original plus monsters scattered. Campanulaceae Asteraceae White Euphorbiaceae Winter Flower Anthurium (after the next) Atractylodes 10 Cucumber 5 Poria 20 Magnolia 10 Xinyi 15 fried Xanthium 12 Angelica 15 melon skin 5.

And eat three doses. Patient feedback that I cough “fast 2 months, and read a lot of doctors, are not as good as your medical high, very grateful to you.” In fact, not only did not cure, but increased.
The patient continued, “Hello Shen teacher, I eat three days medicine, the night has not cough, during the day will be cough, the number of cough has been reduced. Or feel sputum cough, nose, sticky.” ” So that the Chinese people really is not easy.China’s history of Chinese medicine so long, the Chinese people are not good Chinese medicine, really Chinese medicine.
The original side with two days of fake rolex medicine, last night, my patients in the Chinese group of micro-group group of emotion, said: “This is really convinced oral. Cough almost two months, feeling the internal organs have cough up, I thought my cough It is not good? One of the rolex replica watches top three hospitals in the internal medicine combined with doctors also let me hospital, because the blood test has been ultra-low immunity, several indicators are not good. Fortunately, friends recommended Shen teacher, really really grateful Shen teacher.



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