Some diabetics diet is not taboo, cream thick taste habits, although large doses of swiss replica watches intramuscular insulin and oral hypoglycemic agents, high blood sugar, fluctuations, but also often hypoglycemia. Like this situation, will endanger the liver blood and catharsis regulation, can not push Chenzhi new, caused by lipid turbid within the obstruction, or fatty liver, or hyperlipidemia, can be considered with turmeric, cooked rhubarb with angelica, white peony root, vent Liver of the fake watches fat turbidity, Ru Yang liver blood, or with the liver scattered with Bupleurum, Qingpi, Liver blood Shugan gas.

Complicated with nephrotic edema, proteinuria, vitality and blood swelling and both, can be with Astragalus with Motherwort, the dose at least 30 grams or more, the general amount of use. Long illness Qi deficiency, the amount of Astragalus is greater than Motherwort, Astragalus can be used to replica watches uk more than 100 grams, assuming stasis even more, Motherwort amount is greater than Astragalus. Astragalus with Motherwort, high-dose more than diabetic edema effective, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease and other lower limb edema, have a better effect.



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