Diabetes and diabetes complications, the key in the blood of the word, gas is Qi Qi, blood is blood stasis, “with the rule of swiss replica watches governance,” the clinical decision-making, to live vitality deficiency and blood stasis two turn off. Complications are common for kidney disease, foot disease, eye disease and vascular nerves and other diseases, always leave the pathogenesis of blood stasis, blood circulation is used both before the complications are not issued, can also be used after the complications have been issued, So Salvia, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, leech, etc. are more commonly used.
Blood sugar over the normal standard, or just to replica watches uk meet the diagnostic criteria, and no other abnormalities, you can participate in tea when the tea water. Has become a diabetes, in the use of rolex replica Shenqi Tong pulse scattered at the same time, can also be used with the red tea drinking, Yi yuan blood circulation, is conducive to improving efficacy. Safflower saffron, saffron, etc., if the economic conditions are better available saffron, poor with saffron.



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