Not long ago, the Chinese Army 1st Army three Wu straight -10 helicopter, in a strange area for ultra-low altitude flight training, exercise scene is very spectacular, Wu straight -10 is developed by China’s first professional armed helicopter, is also the first Asian Since the end of the 1990s, with the help of the replica watches uk Camo Design Bureau, China has started the design and research and development work of the Wu-10 helicopter. In the course of the R & D of the Wu-10 helicopter, China has also made many times And Europe and South Africa’s business contacts to fake watches solve the problem in the R & D process in the development process, after more than five years of research and study, in April 2003 the first Wu straight -10 prototype completed the first flight, And then China has gradually produced eight Wu straight -10 prototype and pre-production, and by 2006 accumulated 400 hours of flight time.

Later, after years of testing and improvement, in November 2012 Wu straight -10 officially began to enter the replica watches People’s Liberation Army, and in August 2016 to complete the Army Air Force all outfit, a few days ago, the number of military equipment, 100, and in the next period of time China will be equipped with 500 Wu straight -10, Wu straight -10 armed helicopter large-scale service, but also changed the Chinese Army Air Force long-term dependence on the French dolphin helicopter modification and when the history of armed helicopters, which Will greatly enhance the Chinese Army Air Force’s assault and anti-armor capability. Wu straight -10 full weight over 7 tons, the first machine equipped with a 23 mm single tube automatic gun, and has four weapons plug-in point, can carry 16 more than 10 km range of Red Arrow -10 anti-tank missiles, and even can Carrying 32 unguided rockets.



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