In the Chinese Army Air Force Dress up Wu-10 at the same time, Wu straight -10 also opened the export plan, after all, Wu straight -10 is a helicopter for Asian countries, and after all aspects of comprehensive consideration, China will focus on Pakistan as a partner China will provide three Thai-10 helicopters to Pakistan in 2015 to allow Pakistan to replica watches uk conduct relevant tests, and even China has publicly stated to Pakistan that as long as the Pakistani side is willing to procure China’s three straight, 10 can be a direct free of charge, and Wu straight -10 price will give more concessions, but the thought that the export of rolex replica Pakistan has become a nail on the fact that but did not expect to repeat the J-10 mistakes, Pakistan did not purchase China Wu straight -10, but chose the Turkish T-129 armed helicopter.

The T-129 is an armed helicopter jointly developed by Turkey and Italy. The T-129 helicopter is equipped with a 20-mm M197 three-tube Gatlin-style cannon and can mount eight AGM-114 anti-tank missiles or Pottery anti-tank missiles, and also have eight poisonous missiles and four rocket pods, its comprehensive performance can be said to be very advanced. Compared to the replica watches Turkish T-129 helicopters, the powertrain has been the largest short board in China, and the reason why Pakistan has not chosen Wu-10, in addition to technical and performance differences, and logistical support is part of the factors, after all, Pakistan The air force is equipped with all-American equipment, while the Turkish T-129 helicopter can mount almost all US-made weapons and ammunition, while the T-10 can only mount the Chinese-made weapons model.



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