The good news is coming. On April 14, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Measures for the Administration of Automobile Sales, which came into effect on July 1, 2017, to replace the “Measures for the Implementation of replica watches Automobile Brand Sales Management” which began in 2005. The “approach” after the implementation of the sale of cars is no longer necessary car brand license, car supermarkets, car stores, car electricity, etc. will become a new form of car sales. Suppliers can sell in a variety of ways, dealers can run multiple brand products at the same time, consumers can buy cars from a variety of channels, enjoy the service “three more models.”

Not only car sales, market conditions, any merchandise sales, only one model is contrary to the laws of the market, because of replica watches uk suspected monopoly. Monopoly mode of market sales, such as 4S shop, so that the seller has a natural but not consistent with the common sense of market privileges. For the swiss replica watches consumer side, the right to purchase the goods is a rare guarantee – reflected in the basic political and economic theory, that is, from the value to the use of value, are not conducive to consumers.
Specific to the 4S store consumption model, China’s auto market is the initial brand licensing system, that is, by the various car brand enterprises built by the formation of self-built sales model. Because of the existence of brand authorization, there is a monopoly, because 4S focused on the vehicle sales (Sale), spare parts (Sparepart), after-sales service (Service), information feedback (Survey) “4S one”, this car sales supply test belt To the monopoly of chronic illness is all-round. From the price to the spare parts, from after-sales service to the rights of the way, each “S” are unfair to consumers.



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