Thus, 4S seem to pack the supply and circulation of automotive companies, but the other side also highlights the reality of rolex replica car sales monopoly iron curtain. In the field of power, the absolute power is brought about by corruption; in the market area, a comprehensive monopoly leads to confusion – the monopoly of the unfair gathering of profits, the lack of adequate competition in the car sales market is not conducive to the expansion of the automotive consumer market potential And extension. Expand to the whole market chain and the whole industry, the consumption chain of monopoly is not conducive to the sustainable development of China’s auto industry. Car sales supply test lag, not a small problem has become a major chronic illness.
Based on the dissatisfaction with the 4S shop model, many consumers reluctantly 4S shop ridicule as “four sons” – to Ah Q-style spiritual victory law to distract the 4S shop sales model dissatisfaction.

The new regulations of the Ministry of replica watches uk Commerce came at a time. On the one hand, as the world’s largest car consumer, to break the 4S shop-style sales, and the size of the Chinese auto market to adapt. On the other hand, this is also the auto sales supply side of the reform initiatives, in line with the current development of the main theme of reform. More importantly, in addition to the replica watches 4S store sales model, the establishment of open, diversified, especially docking “Internet +” large data of the car sales network, can innovate the flow pattern of automobile sales, to achieve full competition in the market, break through the monopoly iron Screen, so that consumers can enjoy a better service.



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