First, from the simple, after the treatment of pure treatment to the prevention, treatment, rehabilitation integration of pre-treatment mechanism forward, equal to the patient from the source into the health “safe.”
Second, from the “single to help alone” the primary treatment of technology to the integration of technical treatment, ecological treatment of space, human treatment of technology, environment, humanities and other system of “Army” combat upgrade. Not only put an end to the loss of the best cure period, the most critical is the level of systemic cure itself is higher than any other traditional treatment.
“Three library one” information system boost British Pu Le Fu 2017 internationalization, standardization, industrialization of the rolex replica three annual strategy
In order to achieve good treatment is expected, in addition to advanced science and technology of high-tech products, but also in the treatment process standardization and sophisticated management. To this end, the British Pu Le Fu relying on China’s Ministry of Industry and Electronic Planning Institute of strong resource platform and technical support to create China’s first set of biological sample information base, GMP cell preparation information management platform and patient tracking database in one of the ” Three library “a strong information treatment system, not only for the fake rolex global cancer patients to extend the life of the Gospel, but also for the world cancer treatment to provide more accurate scientific decision-making basis and information technology support. The third element – the immune cell preparation management platform can ensure the effectiveness of the rolex replica watches treatment process; the third is the first element of the “three library integration” information platform, the tumor biological sample library to ensure accurate analysis of the patient’s tumor type; Factor-patient efficacy tracking database ensures the therapeutic effect of the expected.



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