The so-called British Pu Le Fu cancer treatment 2.0, that is, triple precision treatment model and three-dimensional overall treatment mechanism as the core of the fake watches technical treatment integration on the basis of groundbreaking ecological treatment and humanization of the full range of human treatment, the whole industry chain , Healthy and innovative treatment system – British Pu Le Fu three-dimensional focus on swiss replica watches immune cell therapy system. Among them, the ecological treatment of space is not limited to the land of tourism therapy and vacation convalescence, but also includes the green ecological area of ​​respiratory purification therapy, but also in the depths of the ocean and space swim the coordination of human body function, ecological treatment formed a ” Land, sea and air armed forces side by side, “three-dimensional collaborative space innovation and treatment mechanism, because these means are technical treatment of integrated and beneficial to replica watch enhance the rehabilitation. Humanization treatment is independent of the integration of technical treatment and ecological treatment of the two treatment mechanisms, and beyond the traditional psychological counseling, emotional care, and then upgrade to work, study and lifestyle treatment, social interaction, emotional Care, music art and value faith full coverage of the humanistic treatment system.

Cancer treatment of the arrival of the era of 2.0, not only to subvert the single play alone and after the traditional treatment mechanism – cancer treatment 1.0 era of treatment philosophy limitations and treatment technology lag, more important in the following aspects :



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