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Scholar standing on the edge of the Bohai Sea, looking at the ship Chong Chong giant ship, such as brilliance of the general light, a moment that gently slipped into the water, firmly parked in the sea. Eyes can not replica watches uk help but shed two lines of tears. Side of the priests at this time is tears, can not self-sustaining.

I think, Liu Lao generals in the days of the spirit, must nodded tears, wish it. I would like to know how to do this, “Taoist said that when the US aircraft carrier on the US naval commander Liu Huaqing. He was a US aircraft carrier on the plane looking at the plane of the United States fighters have let countless Chinese children feel sadly sad, sad, and thus determined, determined to serve the country. At this point, when China’s first domestic aircraft carrier finally launched, Liu old generals in the days of the spirit should be enough to ease it

“Zhu Xi old man who did not expect, his one to persuade the poem, now even become a metaphor to describe the history of the replica watches development of the Chinese navy metaphor.” At this moment the scholar is still difficult to calm, said excitedly.

“In the past year, the Chinese navy was a poor man, the naval battle of Xisha in 1974, and our naval ships were merely cruising ships with Vietnamese cruisers and minesweeper, and our naval strength was not as good as that of Vietnam. Although the final victory of the naval battle, but the swiss replica watches sadness of which I think only the battle of the participants can understand it. “Taoist could not help but think of the then Xisha naval battle. Also thought of that piece of sad old Liu Lao tinghao look at the photos. He knows, Liu old generals looked forward to not only the Chinese aircraft carrier on the day of the water, it is the Chinese naval forces on the day strong, dark blue.



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