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“Vacuum period, we in the next outfitting and sea stone stage, at least three to five years time, the first aircraft carrier to have combat effectiveness, then in this period of time, that is, our naval face the biggest test period. “Scholar slowly said.
“You mean, beware of this time there will be a country to swiss replica watches find things?” Taoist asked
“Yes, this must beware of, you know, now we are not afraid of the sea of ​​provocation, two thousand kilometers of the sea we can use shore-based defense forces to protect the country, but now our foreign trade and military exchanges have been Far beyond this range, if someone would like to force us to replica watches uk ocean combat, then, has not yet formed a combat fleet of the aircraft carrier is our weakness, not out, it will cause criticism of domestic and foreign public opinion, but did not win Grasp, you say, this period of time, is not our most vulnerable time?
“If you say that it makes sense, but … …” Taoist some disapproval, thought and then said, “But, look at the world, who may be in the ocean waters of our provocation? If the only African and Middle East land turmoil , We simply do not need to rush to the aircraft carrier rush, alone ocean fleet can guarantee our withdrawal and overseas interests of the protection of this replica watches point, before the Yemen evacuation has been a good example of the aircraft carrier, The future to a stronger dark blue guarantee.



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