Vigorous real estate to inventory, evolved into a bundled sales and hungry sales. In order to deceive the sea, various places to introduce a variety of ways to transfer debt, their unified name is “to inventory.” The government to the stock is false, transfer debt is true.
Can the real estate go to stock? If you do not know before, now will know now. House inventory can not go, but rolex replicaalso can not afford to go. Because the real estate business or government to sell the house = home buyers to buy the house, the number of houses did not reduce a set, did not increase a set. So go to the stock is the house transfer trick. The house is not an apple, not rice, eat no, the house can live 20 years to 70 years, will not be sold after a few days or fake rolex years disappear. House can not go to stock.
Why does the government shout house to go to the stock? Because the government needs to transfer the government’s debt, real estate business debt, bank debt to the buyer. To the stock is false, transfer debt is true. If the government, real estate business really think that the house more stock, no rolex replica watches house every house can be a hair, so simple question, why should a high-profile publicity? Because it is necessary to use the debt to the house to buy a house, the results, on the hard publicity.



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