In addition, to strengthen the supervision of the secondary market, the management of the same mistakes. As the regulation of the secondary market is very easy to hurt the interests of the majority of investors, so the supervision of the secondary market should be careful to replica watches do the first laws and regulations, and effectively follow the rules, according to regulation. But unfortunately, in this issue, the Commission is the implementation of irregular regulation, supervision or even “empty mouth.” For example, the regulation of swiss replica watches high transfer, the SFC did not come up with the normative guidance, but the high transfer behavior of listed companies to play sticks, so that listed companies do nothing, and then to the market to bring unnecessary shocks.
Really is a ghost, the recent period in the end how? Not only the tabloid newspaper, as well as the streets, the screen up and down … … bustling, not that a few out of the cabinet, derail a ghost thing? The whole community of public opinion, how to be a few men and women to the lower body to occupy it? Could it be the country in order to transfer the social pressure of the fake watches public and deliberately? Or if not so, many of the entertainment will be laid off and lose their jobs? Or now, is there really nothing worthy of eye-catching things good report? … … anyway, definitely not the vast majority of Chinese people loved to see! And for those who have only a small part of the shadow of the people like to talk about, watch, interested in those broken things, why should you impose on those who are indifferent to the lower body of others people? (Because in today’s society, their lower body problems have been met and proper arrangements are not known).



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