Although in order to speed up the issuance of the IPO, the Commission to refinance financing, of course, this restriction is necessary, but the problem is not limited in the case of restrictions on the sale of shares, the consequences of accelerated issuance of new shares is the IPO barrier lake Became a restricted stake in the lake. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange estimates, the number of new shares issued this year will reach 500 companies, this way, a year after the 500 companies to limit the number of shares will be lifted an astronomical figures. If you do not take effective measures to limit the lifting of the restricted shares after the lifting of the issue, waiting for the stock market will be a disaster. Because of this rolex replica problem there is a certain lag, so the current risk of this potential has not yet reflected in the market. And once reflected, the consequences will be very serious.
Followed by the “full supervision card” wrong. Although the stock market needs full regulation, but at this stage, the focus of regulation is to strengthen the supervision of the financing side. Last year, the supervisory work of Chairman Liu Shiyu was recognized by the market, because the regulation last year focused on the financing side. After all, the stock market for the swiss replica watches financing side is full of temptation. Even if the strengthening of supervision is not afraid of financing side does not come. But the most recent period, the SFC’s regulation is the supervision of investors, the overall supervision of the secondary market. The consequences of course, not the same. Because the current stock market, investors basically act as the role of blood donors, if the management but also a great fight to donate blood, of course, will hit the market popularity, the investors run, the market was playing on the replica watches uk ground is expected Among the. In fact, the current stock market, the stock market regulation should focus on the financing side of the body, rather than the investor’s body, nor on the secondary market body.



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