Perhaps because of last year’s regulatory work to get the praise of the market’s sake, so after 2017, President Liu Shiyu to step up the pace of supervision is even greater. “Comprehensive supervision” into a “full flowering”, according to the law evolved into a “shelling supervision”, or swiss replica watches even become a kind of empty mouth. Although strict supervision, to strengthen the supervision of the general direction is right, but the management of the “regulatory card” is wrong to be sure.
First of all, the IPO card is wrong. Into 2017, the rapid issuance of new shares. The SFC did not declare the issuance of new shares into a “quasi-registration system.” Speed ??up the pace of issuance of new shares Ye Hao, “quasi-registration system” worth mentioning, these are no problem. But the prerequisite is to keep up with supporting measures. For example, the crackdown on replica watches uk fraud, such as investor protection. And particularly important is that the IPO can not always be in the disease issued state. Any company listed, have brought not uk replica watches less than three times the size of the first sale of restricted shares, which is actually the stock market as a restricted shareholder of the cash machine. But these most basic problems are not resolved to speed up the issuance of new shares, the consequences will be extremely serious.



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