I remember eight years ago, I have written a “star get married, have children, betrayal, off my bird thing” article published in the Sina blog (also reproduced to “grassroots” on, see my article list). Eight years have passed, not only did not improve and eliminate, and now even intensified situation, can fake watches only explain a problem: our socialist core values ??of the practice effect is not fully highlighted! And even the core values ??such as civilization, harmony, equality, the rule of law, integrity, friendliness and other terms are not really understand the meaning of thorough. Old eyes staring at the lower body of others, civilization? Does the private life of the citizens affect the society and the families outside the parties, will affect the social harmony? Everyone has their own private living space, why have to hype celebrity’s private life? Is this consistent with the principle of equality? Is there an effective way to govern and disseminate these things? Is our rule of law seriously lagging behind? … … there is integrity, kindness, we control the comments, is there the same need to improve and improve the place?

Come talk about the cabinet, derailment and ghosts. To the extent that it is from low to high development, and from the nature, the difference is not large, all refers to the fact that has occurred, but the nature of the problem has the size. And since the cabinet can become a very personal problem between individuals, without publicity and dissemination, then why the same nature of the derailment can not be accepted? And to be a big fan, anxious to swiss replica watches let people around the world know? So it is natural to think of a ghost word. How did this ghost come out? Or somebody wants to see it? Or somebody ghosts? Do you have anybody else? … … anyway, a word enough to outline: must be someone willing to release the ghost, and hope that the community can see this ghost, so that their purpose is achieved. So I think Mao grandfather said: cold look to the world. If we can do to look forward to look forward to progress, pay more attention to some of the people’s livelihood hot and worthy of their own attention to things, then, like who and who left, who and who is good, who and who sleep Together with the … … and so on replica watch such a break, it will not disturb and annoy us. Of course, if the media do not report, can be done from the source to block, rather than hype, for fear we do not know, we will go to some trouble, the root of trouble is not you do not want to see, but he had to see you, not You do not want to hear, but he must say to you. Their lower body, off my bird thing! This should not be my feelings, but the vast majority of the work for the study, for living in the heart and worry about the common aspiration of the Chinese people, but they have no chance, there is no place to express, I do here to do it.



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