Asia and Africa

After the US economic crisis, the United States has no strategic contraction – the withdrawal of the Middle East and Afghanistan troops, reduce economic blood loss; the development of the real economy, expand wealth accumulation. But to the other extreme, the scourge of , fantasy re-take the United States the rise of the old road, Europe and Asia and Africa of the rolex replica unrest, will make capital and talent for self-protection and development, will transfer to the United States, access to capital talents of the United States, will be thriving development The So that the chaos of the world will be the birth of the United States.
But the United States has forgotten the situation. After the Second World War Yalta system, although supported by the United States and the Soviet Union, but the United States and the Soviet Union outside of China and Western Europe, but also carry the beam, the world by the balance of the United States and Russia to maintain. Although the disintegration of the former Soviet Union made this system a bit strange, but the rapid rise of China soon took up most of the rolex replica watches role of the former Soviet Union yesterday. The same is true of Europe, although there are contradictions within them, but the overall basis is firm. In this way, the Asia-Europe and Africa, despite the unrest, but the overall pattern of peace has not collapsed, that is, although the United States would like to do everything possible to fake rolex engage in sub-Asia and Africa, but Asia and Africa, the overall basis of peace is still capitalists did not transfer the reasons for the United States.



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