institutional supervision

 From the regulatory point of view, the real estate and financial aspects of the two-month oversight of the impact of swiss replica watches secondary market immediate impact. Guan Qingyou that the 2015 financial crisis, the adjustment of the entire financial regulation is not implemented in place, the current “macro prudential supervision + institutional supervision + functional supervision,” the financial regulatory thinking is clear, but this regulatory system has not yet formed so that we In strengthening the financial supervision only pay attention to the replica watches uk coordination of the department, we talked about the regulatory force together, resulting in a sudden increase in the impact of the entire market.

“The whole economy is a helpless to give up, take the initiative to shrink, and now is still a initiative to puncture the bubble behavior.” Guanqing friends so sum.

Ordinary investors need cash to be king

In terms of asset allocation, Guan Qingyou believes that in the context of the strengthening of the financial regulatory environment, corporate bonds difficult and costly, therefore, non-standard transfer is a wealth management companies and high net worth customers must be transformed into rolex replica a strategy. And the second half of this year with the strengthening of supervision of the biggest negative factors weakened, the financial institutions may re-allocation of bonds; for high net worth customers, high net worth customers, must also be non-standard transfer, and gradually configure some relatively stable bond yields product.



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